Taxact login – Download, Install & Verify Taxact

Taxact is a platform that provides tax tools to its user to become ready to file taxes. Prepare taxes for federal & state returns by your own with taxact login. Besides you can calculate deductions & credits to maximize refunds on your returns. It provides tax planning tools and Xpert Assist feature to help you do your taxes easily. It supports professionals to complete tax returns in time for their clients.

How to Sign In Taxact?

Here are steps given to proceed Taxact login via Desktop & Online modes:

Sign In on Desktop :

  • First of all, double-click the TaxAct icon on desktop to start it.
  • Then so to Sign In box, type username in the field. Further, click password field to type password.
  • Click the Checkbox next to Remember this device .
  • Click Next.

Sign In Online:

  1. Start by clicking ‘Sign In’ at TaxAct page.
  2. Then, put in username and password in their respective fields.
  3. Then, click Checkbox in-front of ‘Remember this device’. (to avoid entering verifiaction code each time you login).
  4. Lastly, Click ‘Next‘.

How can I download & install taxact login?

  1. Login TaxAct Account, after that find ‘Orders and Downloads’, click it.
  2. Then next to the Taxact product you choose, tap ‘View’.
  3. Select the program whether federal or state program you required, then select ‘Download’.
  4. See at screen’s bottom, find ‘[filename].exe file’.
  5. Now click the file as it downloads. This starts installation.
  6. Then, answer ‘Yes’ to ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?’
  7. Proceed with the on-screen prompts and finish installation.

NOTE: To download state program, Federal program should be downloaded before.

How to Verify your Identity during Taxact login?

When you perform Taxact login, you need to verfiy identity using verification code. It is sent to your phone number linked to your Taxact account. Every time you login, verfication code is messaged to you.

  1. At the top-right of the TaxAct page, Tap Sign In.
  2. Enter the credentials that you entered while sign-up.
  3. Then, click the ‘Next’ option to go ahead.
  4. Lastly, enter the verification code that you recieved via message.


Do I need to enter verification code each time I enter Taxact?

Yes, to sign-in Taxact verification code is required each time.

How can I prevent from entering verification code each time I go to taxact?

In the Sign-in dialog box, Check ‘Remember this device’, to avoid entering verification code on each Taxact login.